The Study and Teachers

  I was born in the village Otradnaya (Krasnodar Territory, Russia) on 28 June 1974. Parents Sergius and Rhais worked in anti-hail squad. Childhood was spent in village Spokoynaya (Krasnodar Territory, Russia), where I began to study at the age of 6 at a music school. At first I sang in the choir, then I studied the accordion with my first teacher, Eugene Smirnov, from whom I studied for a very short time. I graduated from music school (teacher Demetrius Zhevakin). In 1986 the family moved to village Otradnaya, and 3 years I studied in Otradnaya music school (teacher Alexander Mamonov), also received a certificate of completion from the school. During solfeggio lessons (teacher Rose Berezhnova) I found myself with a absolute pitch.

  In 1989 I entered the Stavropol music College (now Stavropol Regional College of Arts) in accordion class (teacher Alexander Markov, the winner of the competition for accordionists of the USSR) and finish with honors the College (teacher Valerius Kolesnikov). In College years I'm starting to compose music. I start writing transcriptions for accordion, ensembles, and thanks to the lessons of polyphony I wrote two Toccatas and fugues (teacher Valeria Peresypkina). Also I'd love to visit harmony and solfege  (teacher Nelli Zharikova) and bought in stores records with symphonies and operas, to prepare for the quizzes on the history of music (teacher Eugenia Stoliarova). Communication with Theodore Alekseev, Andrew Abramov, Victor Kamyshnikov, Constantine Savtsov, Valerius Mintsev, Lydia Maslova, Vladimir Cherniavsky, and many other wonderful musicians of Stavropol helped me develop my creativity and expand horizons. The 3rd year started working in College as an accompanist in the Department of folk singing and in the Palace of Pioneers in the ensemble "Spring" under the guidance of my teacher Viacheslav Volkov. It was from him that my parents bought the accordion "Jupiter" for me, which was a tangible impetus for my studies in my specialty.

  In 1993, I entered the Rostov State Conservatory named after S.V. Rakhmaninov (Rostov-on-Don, Russia) at the orchestral faculty (professor Liudmila Varavina, honored worker of Higher school of Russia). Highly professional and demanding Conservatory teachers supported me in the quest to study and learn, and I'm happy to have done their homework! Classes in music history (professor Galina Kaloshina, Doctor of Arts), harmony (professor Evelina Struchalina) and conducting (professor Oleg Zubchenko) stimulated my composer beginnings, also welcomed my composer beginnings and Liudmila Varavina. From 1996 to 2001 working in the ensemble "Doncy"  (director Alexander Kolontaev, Honored artist of Russia) in the Rostov regional Philharmonic, give concerts around the country and abroad. In 1997, in my program at the III International competition for Folk Instrument performers "North Cup" in city Cherepovets (Vologda region, Russia) included 2 of his own composition: Sonata No. 1 and Paraphrase to the theme of the Russian folk song "I Was Going to the Hill", where I became the winner of III degree.

  After graduating from the Conservatory, in 1998, I continued my education in graduate school (scientific director, professor Liudmila Varavina, honored worker of Higher school of Russia) and joined the faculty of the composition (professor Anatolius Kusiakov, People's artist of Russia). Under the guidance of Anatolius Kusiakov appear my compositions for the accordion with another instrument: Divertimento for clarinet and accordion,  Fantasy for bassoon and accordion, Sonata for viola and accordion etc. This is not surprising because Anatolius Kusiakov saw the future of the accordion in an ensemble performance! With a light application of Liudmila Varavina appear plays: Waltz, Polka, Ghost, etc., and during the lessons of polyphony (professor Galina Gontarenko) appears Humoresque, composed in the genre of invention and fugue.

  In 2001 we with Liudmila Varavina hesitant to publish my musical compositions, and launch the project "Premiere". It is a series of editions of compositions for accordion, composed by me, edited by Liudmila Varavina. To date, there has been 5 editions of this series. From 2002 to 2008 give concerts for tourists on ships in various structures of the ensemble. In 2004 after graduating from the Conservatory, I enrolled in graduate school on a faculty composition (scientific director, professor Anatolius Kusiakov, People's artist of Russia). In the same year began working as an accompanist at the music school No. 3 named after M.I. Glinka of the city of Rostov-on-Don, where I work currently. In 2006 at the I Moscow open competition for Young composers named after Y.N. Shishakov my compositions Symphonic picture for accordion and chamber orchestra "Monastery on Kazbek" and Sonata for viola and accordion took first place in nominations "Solo instrument" and "Ensemble". 

Since 2009 I have been the accompanist of the Faculty of Solo Folk Singing at the Rostov State Conservatory named after S.V. Rakhmaninov. In 2019 I became a member of the Union of Composers of Russia.



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